We are every body positive

It’s a mystery box. The only thing you should know, is that you will adore it!


We are on a mission to enhance the way the intimate apparel industry serves women - modernizing and simplifying the online shopping experience for every body, by re-imagining a fun and easy journey for  curious and adventurous women.

B.O.I offers a discovery subscription box.

80% women wear the wrong bra size and at BOI,  we believe we can make a difference.  

How does it work?

First, choose our “Naughty” or the “Nice” box, then help us defining who you are by create your Lingerie Profile (Artificial Intelligence & human-assisted system) and pick your shipping frequency: Every month or every other month. Each box which contains a full lingerie set with a matching accessory that can be anything from well-being, self-care or beauty & cosmetic product.Join the BOI’s Club for the convenience of at home sexy mystery boxes and a 5 star service… we aim to create an innovative lingerie shopping experience that is inclusive of sizing to save woman-kind 💪. 

Striving to spread a confidence, self-expression and body positivity message, we want to empower the modern woman while creating a digital brand and community that celebrates her at her every stages.